Thursday, November 17, 2011

Santee Sports Bar

Is it wisdom or bullshit, when your old and half in the bag at 1245 pm on a Thursday what's the difference anyway.  This is what I'm wondering as I listen to these buzzards crow back and forth to one another. The thing is each of these old men had, and have a life. From the one bragging about his tours in Vietnam to the other drunkenly half hugging his shoulder as he tries for the fourth time to explain how he built aircraft.

The waitress, who has the ass of a 10 year old boy, is now wiping the bar and will soon be drawing more beer. It's 12 oz, draft or domestic bottle for 2.25 day and she is busy. I admire the cleanliness of this joint and the way the colored LED ropes above the bar change colors, they seem to be on a 5 minute timer. One more room is available in front of the bar and it has a couple of pool tables and a dart board. I can't help it, but the mood, ambiance, and color scheme of the place, are all mentally noted and may end up in a story somewhere some time.

My ear-plugs are in although I'm not listening to anything and several of the patrons are looking at me out of the sides of their eyes as if I am a curiosity. I know they would be trying to make conversation if not for the headphones, and honestly that's why they are in.

My spidey sense tells me I could do the bartender if I put in the effort, but I won't. She reeks of single-motherhood, grief, drama, and the latest fragrance by Avon. I don't need any of these things. I am already married and in *love* and it only gets more complicated after that, so I'll leave it be.

I like this bar and will be back. I stay for one beer, and one beer only. I don't need the hassle of drinking and driving, or the risk of banging up Melvin the scooter. Plus I only brought a single five dollar bill, and would feel very silly pulling out the debit card for beer.

I finish my beer, and drop two singles, in the tip Jar. "Thanks Miss." I say as I walk out the door and she is saying something else but I pretend I don't hear.. it's EZ with the ear-phones.

I notice the outside tables where you can smoke and drink beer at the same time and I have to give them credit for that here in the, smoking dope is cool, but cigarettes are of the devil, liberated State Of California.

I also notice the parking lot is right next to the beer drinking and cigarette smoking section and I can only imagine the ass-kickings that have been handed out and received, and the amount of blood that has been spilled on the gritty asphalt. I don't know for sure but I'll bet a dollar dollar more blood has been spilled then beer.

This concludes.. This.

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